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Helen Wai’s Program and Services

What are Helen’s most popular TOPICS?


Wai Not Get a Grip on Your Money? – Short on cash? Cringe every time the bills arrive?

• Learn practical tips about managing your money

• Values & Goal

• Needs vs Wants

• Life happens how do you budget for that

• Tracking your cash

• Envelope system

• Strategies for saving money



What will it Take? – Establishing & Rebuilding Credit

• What is credit?

• Why is it important?

• How does it affect you?

• What’s the difference between good and bad credit?

• Cost of credit



Is it Time for a Change? – Why you handle your Money the way you do?

• Understand your financial attitudes and behaviors



Teaching Your Kids about Money – Teaching your kids financial responsibility

• It’s your money agreement

• Let’s talk about money

• Allowing kids to handle money


What are Helen’s Fees?

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