“Helen was very helpful in showing us just what we needed to become homeowners!”

“Helen was very helpful in showing us just what we needed to become homeowners!”

“Our employees loved the class and were very excited to go home and make the changes that keep some money in their pockets.  Many of them live with extended families or friends, so they were able to not only help themselves make smart adjustments, but help others as well.”

“Helen’s presentation was excellent.  Because of her own experiences as a lessee and that she ‘walked the talk’, her workshop made all of us attendees ‘hopeful’.  I have sat through a lot of seminars led by speakers who just go through the motion with power point and the booklet, Helen’s deliverance was superior.”

“During the presentation there was never a dull moment as she entertained us with team games that broke the monotony and kept us attentive to the subject matter. Helen was transparent with her personal experiences. To me, she was the ‘proof in the pudding’. I could relate to her as a woman and as a Hawaiian.”

“Helen is an excellent speaker and did a fabulous job engaging our employees and getting everyone involved.  Even our engineers, the guys that work with energy on a daily basis, learned a lot.  Everyone left with a lot more knowledge than they came with and everyone seemed excited to put what they learned to use at home.  The workshop not only taught everyone about energy conservation and efficiency, they also learned how to apply what they learned to help them save money. “

“In short, even for those that new some of the information offered, the demonstrations and details Helen offered were very helpful. They helped by heightening the awareness of just how much can be saved with a few minor changes.”

“My bother and I has learned a lot from Helen. Stress points on what to start with, looking at the big picture on finances and goals. Other classes I have attended left me hanging.  Thank you for the opportunity to get on the right road.